Where are they now?

The photos on this page tell a story of quality and caring. These are the young foals we have bred and then sold to new loving homes. They carry our name and show the world that we produce quality, even natured and beautiful horses for all disciplines. Enjoy!


Groveborn Dancer is by purebred stallion Othello S and out of Tb mare Phyrric Dancer. She was sold to Linda in NSW as a 2 year old and has since been started under saddle and is training as part of a quadrille!   




Groveborn Indienna is by purebred Friesian stallion Gandolf and out of The Carrock Yvette. Indi was sold to Wyvernstorm Friesians as youngster.

14.04.2013 - With the help and support of my parents and Bramblewood Lodge I am very happy to say that Indi is now back with her family










Groveborn Mica was born on the 9th of December 2007. His future looks bright as his new mum has the same high hopes for him that I do. I think Mica will be glad he can only eat & play for a while yet! Congratulaions Eva ~ Mica has progressed to the next stage of his life, riding horse!






Casey Baby was bred by my family in 2005 and she was intended to stay with us as a brood mare.  As she matured we realised she had a lot more to offer the world and as such she was sold as a 4 yr old to a loving new home.  Casey has since been started under saddle and begun trail riding and trot poles.  Her new mum Tanya is thrilled with her 'mischief maker' and recently sent me these pictures!   








Aramis PJ (Remmelt x Jissel) is the first purebred friesian foal sold by the stud - and he is a stunner!  He was sold to Wendy in WA sight unseen based on his breeding.  He arrived at his new home as a weanling and has been welcomed to the family with delight.  Congratulations Wendy - we know you will have a lot of fun with him!







Dublin is a 5 yr old friesian cross gelding who has been my riding horse for the last few years.  He has now found an amazing new home where he will be loved and given the attention he truly deserves. Congratulations Sonya, Tash, Kayla and Mac




Groveborn Illusion (aka Sullivan) was born on October 6th 2009.  He is Yvettes 4th foal and is by imported dressage stallion Hilwert L.  Sullivan owes his name to my vet who came to see him not long after he was born & thought he was huge - a monster!  So being hairy, friendly and tall he was nick named Sully after a certain purple & blue animated monster.  Sully has moved to his new home with his cousin Mica!  Congratulations again Eva!!


 Deja'Vu PJ was born on November 3rd 2009. He is by Hilwert and out of our baroque mare Popke.  He has found a lovely new home where he will be loved like the true treasure that he is. Congratulations Jane, you are already doing us proud!!


Xena was purchased in 2010 as my future riding horse but due to her being a bit smaller than expected she was re homed where she has been started properly under saddle and is about to make her showing under saddle debut!


Hudson PJ (Remmelt x Jissel) has now relocated to his coastal retreat home with his new owner Gemma!! Congratulations on your new fur baby & a special Well Done to your OH Dave on organising such a huge surprise :-) 


Kiefer PJ (Lammert 260 x Avalon) is a long awaited dream come true for his new mum Sonya.  We wish her all the very best with her young man and cant wait to see what adventures you get up to



Chloe (Othello S) is now living with her new mum Belinda and enjoying being pampered and treated like the true gem that she is.  Belinda plans on putting chloe back under saddle and hitting the show scene - we cant wait to see your both achieve!


Adara PJ (Wobke 403 x Iepe Tj) is now well and truly loved by Liz.  Another dream come true, this young mare is soon to be under saddle and exploring the world. We wish you both well in your riding and hope to see you soon




 Gideon PJ recently moved to his new home with Jessica.  Gideon is a long awaited dream come true for Jessica and we love to hear about what they get up to. We wish you both all the very best for the future!

Delta PJ has now been sold to Chloe!!!  Soon to be under saddle and out doing pony club they make a fantastic pair - something that was very obvious when they first worked together. Congratulations Chloe, we know you will have a ball together!




Jenson PJ was recently sold to his forever home - he was rather determined to become Megs pride and joy!  We wish you both well and can't wait to see the amazing things you achieve together.




 Jorja PJ is a very sweet and cute filly born at 5.30am Thursday October 13th 2011. Jorja has a friendly nature and adorable face.  Expected to mature around the 15.2hh mark and be of the classical type Jorja is now at her new home with Karen.




Carter PJ is a 3/4 friesian gelding by Tako JS and out of Delta, he has a very sweet eye and a calm outlook.  He has now found his forever home with Kim - enjoy!



 Maverick PJ (Tao x Nanning) is a real charming colt, he is very smart and keen to please. He has moved to his new home in WA and is making Tania very happy.


Memphis PJ (Tako JS x Othello) is a 3/4 gelding who was born in November 2011. He is a sweet and stunning young man who is well and truly loved by his person Sarah. We love getting very happy updates from this amazing duo.



 Odette PJ - Beart 411 x Otte 375 - This true swan princess has found her person and is currently growing up in a fantastic family. Congratulations Vicky!


Regan PJ - Beart 411 x Avalon - A stunning young filly who has made her home with a truly loving family, and her 'sister' Tilly :-)  We are very happy to welcome the Taylors to the family!


Petra PJ - Remmelt 323 x Deni V - Petra is a true sweetheart and has been very luck to find an amazing home with an adoring family. We wish her all the best with Angela and Peter and look forward to hearing about her amazing future.


Paige PJ - Norbert 444 x Nanning - A stunning young lady who has found a home that will truly let her shine. We are very proud of this youngster and are very excited by her future. Congratulations Jean-Paul, Erika & Virag!


Tobias (Lammert 260 x Iepe Tj) is very friendly and sweet with lovely long legs and a gorgeous face.
He is BB1 and has found an amazing home where he will have a lot of fun. Congratulations Karen!


Tilly is an elegant purebred foalbook filly by Norbert 444. She is a real sweetheart with presence and movement to spare. Congratulations John, Kerryn, Emily, Jemma, Kailey & Regan!


Zain is a stunning young man by superstar stallion Norbert. Zain is forward and has amazing movement and presence, we look forward to seeing what he achieves in the future. Congratulations Mel.